I thought the problem missed some legit solutions...

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    My solution gives four solution sets for the original problem:

     hit hot dot dog cog
     hit hot dot lot log cog
     hit hot lot log cog
     hit hot lot dot dog cog

    And I guess they are all valid solutions, even if some are longer?

    The code below:

    bool isIntermediate (string &a, string &b) {
        if (a.length() != b.length() || a.length() == 0) return false;
        int diff = 0;
        for (int i = 0; i < a.length(); i++) {
            if (a[i] != b[i]) diff++;
        return diff == 1;
    bool find(string &start, string &end, vector<vector<string> > &result, 
            vector<string> &path, unordered_set<string> &dict) {
        if (isIntermediate(start, end) ) {
            return true;
        for (auto word : dict) {
            if (isIntermediate(start, word) ) {
                unordered_set<string> tempDict = dict;
                find(word, end, result, path, tempDict);
        return false;
    vector<vector<string> > findLadders(string start, string end, unordered_set<string> &dict) {
        vector<vector<string> > result;
        vector<string> path;
        find (start, end, result, path, dict);
        return result;

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    From the problem statement:

    find all shortest transformation sequence(s)

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