2-4 lines Python, 3 different ways

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    Solution 1: Pad with izip_longest with fillvalue=0

    def compareVersion(self, version1, version2):
        splits = (map(int, v.split('.')) for v in (version1, version2))
        return cmp(*zip(*itertools.izip_longest(*splits, fillvalue=0)))

    Solution 2: Pad with [0] * lengthDifference

    def compareVersion(self, version1, version2):
        v1, v2 = (map(int, v.split('.')) for v in (version1, version2))
        d = len(v2) - len(v1)
        return cmp(v1 + [0]*d, v2 + [0]*-d)

    Solution 3: Recursive, add zeros on the fly

    def compareVersion(self, version1, version2):
        main1, _, rest1 = ('0' + version1).partition('.')
        main2, _, rest2 = ('0' + version2).partition('.')
        return cmp(int(main1), int(main2)) or \
               len(rest1+rest2) and self.compareVersion(rest1, rest2)

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    Could you compare them to tell which one should be the fastest?

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    [0]*-d Oh you python trickster.

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    @totolipton Exactly, multiplying negative values has no effects. Brilliant!

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