Accepted O(n) time O(1) space C++ code, but kinda weird, someone plz help me..

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    Below is my accepted C++ code, the basic idea is:

    1. Two pointers are used, one of them proceeds two steps a time and the other proceeds one step a time;
    2. Cut the list into two equal half, and reverse the first half;
    3. Compare the two half lists one by one.

    The code is accepted only if I put head->next = NULL; before returning the answer, otherwise I got a TLE. Can someone tell me why?

    class Solution {
        bool isPalindrome(ListNode* head) {
            if (!head || !head->next) return true;
            ListNode *p1 = head, *p2 = head;
            while (p2 && p2->next) {
                ListNode *temp = p1->next;
                if (p1 != head) {
                    p1->next = head;
                    head = p1;
                p1 = temp;
                p2 = p2->next->next;
            if (p2) p1 = p1->next;
            bool res = true;
            while (p1) {
                if (p1->val != head->val) 
                    res = false;
                p1 = p1->next;
                head = head->next;
            head->next = NULL; // Comment this out then a TLE occurs.
            return res;

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    I guess you formed a loop in the reversed list. To avoid a loop in the reversed list, it's better to let point to null at the beginning of the program. Of course we need another pointer to save the before

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