C++ solution--counting numbers of left tree

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    class Solution {


    int kthSmallest(TreeNode* root, int k) {
        if (!root) return 0;
        if (k==0) return root->val;
        int n=count_size(root->left);
        if (k==n+1) return root->val;
        if (n>=k){
            return kthSmallest(root->left, k);
        if (n<k){
            return kthSmallest(root->right, k-n-1);
    int count_size(TreeNode* root){
        if (!root) return 0;
        return 1+count_size(root->left)+count_size(root->right);


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    @sophie2509 In this, size of sub-trees are computed repeatedly which is slow. Rather, go inorder(bottom-up for left sub tree and top-down for right sub tree) and whenever size equals k, return the node.

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