My Java solution using N-choose-K method.

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    I read the mathematical properties about Pascal's Triangle in this website

    enter image description here

    and I also derived that (N choose K) = (N choose K-1) * (n-k+1) / k. This avoids computing the factorial numbers which are larger than Integer.MAX_VALUE.

    public class Solution {
        private int nChooseK(long n, long k) {
            if(k == 0) return 1;
            return (int) (nChooseK(n, k-1) * (n-k+1) / k);
        public List<Integer> getRow(int rowIndex) {
            List<Integer> ret = new ArrayList<Integer>(rowIndex+1);
            for(int i = 0 ; i <= rowIndex ; i++) {
            	ret.add(nChooseK(rowIndex, i));
            return ret;

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    You might want to use some dynamic programming concept to improve the run time, since there are many duplicated calculations.

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