Weird question regarding copy list with random pointer

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    RandomListNode *copyRandomList(RandomListNode *head) {
            if(head == NULL) return NULL;
            RandomListNode *copyhead = new RandomListNode(head->label);
            copyhead->random = head->random;
            RandomListNode *ori = head->next;
            RandomListNode *oritemp;
            head->next = copyhead;
            RandomListNode *copy = copyhead;
            //copy to a new list "copyhead"
            while(ori != NULL)
                RandomListNode *copytemp = new RandomListNode(ori->label);
                copytemp->random = ori->random;
                copy->next = copytemp;;
                oritemp = ori->next;
                ori->next = copytemp;
                ori = oritemp;
                copy = copy->next;
            //assign the random pointers
            copy = copyhead;
            while(copy != NULL)
                if(copy->random != NULL)
                copy->random =  copy->random->next;
                copy = copy->next;
            return copyhead;

    Could anyone please explain why the above code cannot even pass [-1, #]?

    The weird thing is I can have the above code passed on my own machine without any problem.


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