How to prove the transitivity of the comparator?

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    The solution can't be correct without the transitivity:

    If AB > BA and BC > CB, then we have AC > CA.

    But how to prove it?

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    What I have is:

    1)   AB > BA
    2)   BC > CB

    from 2) we have

    3)   BAC > CAB

    from 1) we have

    4)  BAC > CAB > CBA

    from 1) we also have

    5) ABC > BAC > CAB > CBA

    from 5 and "take out" the B we have

    6) AC > CA

    Glad you asked this, even after showing this property, I'm still not sure why this "sorting" solution works.

    EDIT: Just realized I didn't prove that AB > BA => ACB > BCA. I believe that inequality is true. Don't want to prove it at the moment.

    EDIT2 : Realized what I said above is wrong too. My intuition is really not helping me for this problem.

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    that's my concern too, I don't know why someone just take it for granted, although it seems correct, but I can't prove it

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    1. BAC > CAB let's take A 999, B70078, C7007, this assertion is not correct

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