The list is broken,what's wrong

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    struct ListNode* swapPairs(struct ListNode* head) 
     struct ListNode* parthead;
     struct ListNode* p1;
     struct ListNode* p2;
     if(head == NULL||head->next ==NULL)
            return head;
     parthead = head;
     head = head->next;
     while(parthead != NULL&&parthead->next !=NULL)
        p1 = parthead;
        p2 = parthead->next->next;
        parthead = parthead->next;
        parthead->next = p1;
        parthead->next->next = p2;
        parthead = parthead->next->next;
    return head;

    Input:[1,2,3,4] ;Output:[2,1,3]:Expuct:[2,1,3,4]

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