Can someone clarify the specification for the even numbered columns?

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    It is clear what is needed for the odd numbered columns (1 index), but the even ones are not so clear.
    What should their size be 3-1-3 is for the example how about 2,4,5, etc.

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    Update: Sorry that I just found the characters look good in the code block. So I'm adding 1 more example in English.

    for 6:
    a      k      u
    b    j l    t v
    c   i  m   s  w
    d  h   n  r   x
    e g    o q    y
    f      p      z 
    //Vertically read the input, and horizontally print the output.
    //The output is: "akubjltvcimswdhnrxegoqyfpz"


    Original answer:

    Please allow me to use Chinese since it's easier for me to control the space between them.

    for 2:
    一 三 五
    二 四 六
    for 4:
    一    七     女     法
    二  六 八   人 主   方
    三 五  九 路   的 成
    四    十     养

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