Provide a test case

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    Please provide a testcase when number of rows is 6 and 7.Actually the problem is not so clear to me.

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    Assume the input is "abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz"

    for 6:

    a    k    u
    b   jl   tv
    c  i m  s w
    d h  n r  x
    eg   oq   y
    f    p    z

    Vertically read the input, and horizontally print the output.

    The output is: "akubjltvcimswdhnrxegoqyfpz"

    for 7:

    a     m     y
    b    ln    xz
    c   k o   w
    d  j  p  v
    e i   q u
    fh    rt
    g     s

    The output is: "amyblnxzckowdjpveiqufhrtgs"

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