Is my solution suitable for a job interview(passed all the test cases)

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    As we know nCr = (sigma i= 1 to n )n-r+i/ i say 5C2= 4/1 *5/2 4= 5-2+1 5= 5-2+2 and division is not a problem as product of k consecutive numbers will be divisible by k! --- long long C part
    and since each element of pascals triangle is nC0 nC1... nCn so I decided to use NCr

    class Solution {
     long long C(int n, int r) {
        if(r > n / 2) r = n - r; // because C(n, r) == C(n, n - r)
        long long ans = 1;
        int i;
        for(i = 1; i <= r; i++) {
            ans *= n - r + i;
            ans /= i;
        return ans;
        vector<int> getRow(int rowIndex) {
            vector<int> v;
            long long sol;
            for(int i=0;i<=rowIndex;i++)
           return v; 

    So ,Is this solution, suitable for job interview or not.? It takes 28ms.

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