Reverse Words in a String: Why my Python Code has an UnboundLocalError

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    The following code runs successfully in my local Python 2.7 IDLE, but it has an UnboundLocalError ( local variable 'new_string' referenced before assignment) in this interpreter. What happened? What should I do?

    class Solution:
    # @param s, a string
    # @return a string
    def reverseWords(self, s):
        word_list = s.split()
        wordnum = len(word_list)
        for i in range(wordnum):
            if i == 0:
                new_string = word_list[wordnum - i - 1]
                new_string = new_string + ' ' + word_list[wordnum - i - 1]
        self.answer = new_string
        return self.answer

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    This has to do with the variable scoping in Python 3. Since the "new_string" variable is only ever defined in your "for" loop, it is only available in the for loop.

    You could simply add "new_string = None" right before your for loop, which would make the variable accessible from within the for loop and also outside of it.

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