1-Liner in Ruby

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    Just do a recursive inorder traversal and stop at the k-th element and return that.

    def kth_smallest(root, k)
        (f=->r{r&&(f[r.left]or(k-=1)<1?r.val: f[r.right])})[root]

    Here's a more readable version:

    def kth_smallest(root, k)
        find = -> root { root && (find[root.left] or
                                  (k-=1) == 0 ? root.val :
                                  find[root.right]) }

    At each actual node, search the wanted element in the left subtree. If found, return it right away. Otherwise, if decrementing k makes it zero, return the value of the current node. Otherwise, return what a search in the right subtree produces.

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