One-Liner in Ruby

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    Recursively remove duplicates from the rest of the list, then possibly drop the head (if it's a duplicate of the value after it).


    def delete_duplicates(h)
        h && ( = delete_duplicates( && == h.val ? : h

    Bad C++ versions:

    return h && (h->next = deleteDuplicates(h->next)) && h->next->val == h->val ? h->next : h;

    As @shawnyi pointed out, that leaks memory. So delete:

    if (h && (h->next = deleteDuplicates(h->next)) && h->next->val == h->val) delete h, h = h->next; return h;

    As @drbombe pointed out, I shouldn't access h->next after deleting h. Not sure what I was thinking. I certainly knew that. I guess I just focused on the algorithm and didn't care as long as it gets accepted (which it does).

    For a proper version, see @drbombe's solution below.

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    have you deleted the relative node? It seems there exists memory leakage, am I right? = =!

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    @shawnyi Yes, you're right, I was sloppy there. I just wanted to show the technique, but I shouldn't have ignored the memory leaks. I updated it now. Thanks.

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    @StefanPochmann You use h = h->next after delete h. Is it an undefined behavior?

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    @drbombe Uh, yeah, that doesn't look right. No idea what I was thinking. I'll add a note, thanks.

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    @StefanPochmann How about these codes based on your idea.

    class Solution {
    	ListNode* deleteDuplicates(ListNode* head) {
    		if (head && (head->next = deleteDuplicates(head->next)) && head->next->val == head->val){
    			auto oldhead=head;
    			head = head->next;
    			delete oldhead;
    		return head;

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    @drbombe Yes, that looks good. Or at least correct. I just really wanted it to be a one-liner :-)

    I now took the focus off of C++ and put it on the Ruby version instead. That's much better anyway. I think I wrote my C++ solution first and just focused on the algorithm, that's how this happened.

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