Share my python solution with O(1) extra space

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    Since each element is the sum of two "shoulder" element in the last row, we can add up consecutive elements in a row backward to get the new row

    class Solution:
        # @param {integer} rowIndex
        # @return {integer[]}
        def getRow(self, rowIndex):
    		# fill row with 1s
    		row  = [1] * (rowIndex + 1)
    		for i in xrange(2, rowIndex+1):
    			for j in xrange(i-1, 0, -1):
    				# each element is the sum of two “shoulder elements”
    				row[j] += row[j-1]
            return row

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    isnt it O(nlogn) extra space? you created a 2-d array

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    Row is just a list, not 2D array.

    O(1) is for extra space, that is, the row itself (since we need to return it) is not counted.

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