Why list.index return different value as dic[]?

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    class Solution:
    # @return an integer
    def lengthOfLongestSubstring(self, s):
        maxstr = 0
        curstr = []
        curdic = {}      
        for c in s:
            if c in curdic:
                i = curstr.index(c)# accepted
                i = curdic[c] # wrong result
                for dc in curstr[0:i+1]:
                del curstr[0:i+1]
            curdic[c] = len(curstr) - 1
            if len(curstr) > maxstr:
                maxstr = len(curstr)
        return maxstr

    my code got pass if I do not use curdic, which is a dictionary.

    I think curdic has O(1) lookup speed, it should be more efficient then curstr.index(?)... actually it may

    not, because to use curdic, you need "i" times deletion

    #But anyway, my question is why my code can NOT get pass when I set i = curdic[c]?
    #Input: "whtaciohordtqkvwcsgspqo"
    #Output: 11
    #Expected: 12

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    I'm not quite follow your code, could you explain a little bit more? For the efficiency, yes you need to do some deletions when you encounter a duplicate, but overall, for every character you only have to do this once. So the overall time complexity is O(n), so it is actually quite efficient,.

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