Recursive Solution,16ms,easily understand

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    class Solution {
        bool isScramble(string s1, string s2) {
            if(s1.size() != s2.size()) return false;
            if(s1 == s2) return true;
            string temp1 = s1;
            string temp2 = s2;
            if(temp1 != temp2) return false;//剪枝
            for(int i = 1;i < s1.size();i++){
                string s11 = s1.substr(0,i);
                string s12 = s1.substr(i);
                string s21 = s2.substr(0,i);
                string s22 = s2.substr(i);
                if(isScramble(s11,s21)&&isScramble(s12,s22)) return true;
                s21 = s2.substr(s2.size()-i);
                s22 = s2.substr(0,s2.size()-i);
                if(isScramble(s11,s21)&&isScramble(s12,s22)) return true;
             return false;

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    Hi, this solution is greater than DP solution.
    Can you help analyze the time complexity of this algorithm to us?

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