Why is Run time error in my code ?

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    struct TreeNode* preIn(int pre[],int in[],int inst,int ine)
    { static int prei=0;
    if(inst>ine) return NULL;
    struct TreeNode* rt = (struct TreeNode*)malloc(sizeof(struct TreeNode));
    rt->val = pre[prei++];
    rt->left = NULL;
    rt->right = NULL;
    if(inst == ine) return rt;
    int i,ini;
        if(in[i]==rt->val) break;
    ini = i;
    rt->left = preIn(pre,in,inst,ini-1);
    rt->right = preIn(pre,in,ini+1,ine);
    return rt;
    struct TreeNode* buildTree(int* preorder, int preorderSize, int* inorder, int inorderSize) 
        if(preorderSize<=0) return NULL;
    struct TreeNode* rt = preIn(preorder,inorder,0,preorderSize-1);
    return rt;

    why is this code showing runtime error? But it runs fine on my pc..!! .Thanks for helping.

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    my question is the same with you

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    Facing same issue with same( i had written it before seeing this, my code is pretty much the same) code

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