My Java recursive solution

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    public class Solution {
        public ListNode reverseList(ListNode head) {
            if(head==null ||
                return head;
            ListNode newHead=reverseList(nextNode);
            return newHead;

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    The definition of "nextNode" here is unnecessary, isn't it?

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    the nextNode is the key pointer for reversing the list. Newhead just keep track of the last node, make sure it's the new head node.

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    P; can
    just be = head;

    so nextNode is kinda unnecessary

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    very clear, it's more clear than any other codes I have seen.

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    Marvellous!!! How did you even think of this... especially using the outer layer to overwrite the inner layer!!! Fantastic.

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    nice solution. not very intuitive though.
    hard to get your head around this one.

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    Thanks for sharing. This is a very nice solution. On the contrary, I actually think this is a very intuitive solution. Storing before recursing is very clever. I attempted to write a recursive solution like this but did not came up with this optimization.

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