My c++ solution and The discussion on Time complexity

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    I checked lots of the questions here, and still confused about the time complexity.
    Is it O(n), or O(nK) ? n is size of the string, and K is the length of each word
    The problem is actually, will map[s.substr(i, K)] be considered always O(1), or it is related to K? (map is the hashtable)
    If the former, then O(n), otherwise, it's O(n

    vector<int> findSubstring(string S, vector<string> &L) {
       vector<int> ret;
       if (L.empty()) return ret;
       unordered_map<string,int> m;
       for (int i = 0; i < L.size(); ++i) m[L[i]]++;
       int K = L[0].size();
       for (int k = 0; k < K; ++k) {
            int i = k;  int start = i;
            while(i+K <= S.size()) {
                string s = S.substr(i,K);
                if (m.find(s) != m.end()) {
                    if (m[s] != 0) {
                        m[s]--; i += K;
                        if (i-start == L.size()*K) 
                    } else {
                            m[S.substr(start,K)]++; start += K; 
                } else { // recover the hash table
                    while(start < i) {
                        m[S.substr(start,K)]++; start += K;
                    i += K; start = i;
            while(start < i) {// recover the hash table
               m[S.substr(start,K)]++; start += K;
       return ret;

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    I agree with you, I do not understand there are so many people regard their own program 's complexiblity is O(n)。Lots of soltuions actually are same.

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