Share my solution in Python using topological sort

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    from collections import defaultdict
    class Solution:
        # @param {integer} numCourses
        # @param {integer[][]} prerequisites
        # @return {boolean}
        def canFinish(self, numCourses, prerequisites):
            M, S = set(), set()
            edgesByEnd, edgesByStart = defaultdict(list), defaultdict(list)
            for edge in prerequisites:
                edgesByEnd[edge[0]].append(edge[1])   # edges using end node as key
                edgesByStart[edge[1]].append(edge[0]) # edges using start node as key
            S -= (S & M)    # S: nodes without incoming edges
            M -= S          # M: nodes with incoming edges
            while len(S) > 0:
                node = S.pop()
                for endNode in edgesByStart[node]:   # all nodes with incoming edge from node
                    startNodes = edgesByEnd[endNode]
                    startNodes.remove(node)          # remove edges coming from node
                    if len(startNodes) == 0:
                        del edgesByEnd[endNode]      # add nodes without incoming edge to S
                        edgesByEnd[endNode] = startNodes
                del edgesByStart[node]
            if len(edgesByEnd) > 0:     # if there are remaining edges, no topological order exists
                return False
            return True

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