My Java Solution with a PriorityQueue and Comparator - with comments

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    public class Solution {
    public ListNode mergeKLists(ListNode[] lists) {
        // edge case - empty list
        ListNode nodes = null;
        if(lists.length == 0){
            return nodes;
        // edge case - single entry in list
            return lists[0];
        //merge k-sorted linked lists - use priority queue
        Comparator<ListNode> lnvc = new ListNodeValueComparator();
        PriorityQueue<ListNode> priorityQueue = new PriorityQueue<>(lists.length, lnvc);
        for(ListNode listNode: lists){
            //add a list node to a priority queue.
            if(listNode !=null){
                priorityQueue.offer(listNode); //adds to the priority queue
        ListNode head = null;
            //poll() element from Queue
            ListNode smallestNow = priorityQueue.poll();
            if(!=null){ // if linked list is not empty, offer next node to the heap
       = null;
            //get smallest node from list
            if(nodes == null){
                nodes = smallestNow;
                //head becomes the first smallest element
                head = smallestNow; 
            } else {
       = smallestNow;
                nodes =;
        return head;
    //declare a custom comparator
    private class ListNodeValueComparator implements Comparator<ListNode>{
         * Compare ListNode
         public int compare(ListNode listNode1, ListNode listNode2){
            //compares integer values of both nodes 
            return, listNode2.val);   


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