Python iterative solution

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    class Solution:
        # @param {string} s
        # @return {string[]}
        def restoreIpAddresses(self, s):
            for i in range(1,4):
                for j in range(1,4):
                    for k in range(1,4):
                        for l in range(1,4):
                            if (i+j+k+l==n) and not(i>1 and s[0:i][0]=='0') and int(s[0:i])<256 and not(j>1 and s[i:i+j][0] == '0') and int(s[i:i+j])<256 and not(k>1 and s[i+j:i+j+k][0] == '0') and int(s[i+j:i+j+k])<256 and not(l>1 and s[i+j+k:i+j+k+l][0] == '0') and int(s[i+j+k:i+j+k+l])<256:
            return ans

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    Thank you for providing this alternative thought... although I do think so many conditions are hard to control in an interview.

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    It's not that complicated if the code writer has some respect for the readers:

    if i+j+k+l == n:
    	part1,part2,part3,part4 = s[0:i], s[i:i+j], s[i+j:i+j+k], s[i+j+k:n]
    	if  not(i>1 and part1[0] == '0') and int(part1)<256
    	and not(j>1 and part2[0] == '0') and int(part2)<256
    	and not(k>1 and part3[0] == '0') and int(part3)<256
    	and not(l>1 and part4[0] == '0') and int(part4)<256:

    (Syntax may be off a little, I'm not familiar with Python.)

    An even simpler alternative would be an isValid(s,i,j) method, but then you have to substring twice.

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