Is there better way of solving this problem?

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    I wanted to solve this problem by changing pointers and not by copying the node values. While working on this problem, I came across below scenarios.

    • left and right nodes are next to each other.
    • left and right nodes are far(some nodes between them)
    • General case is updating head pointer.

    left node is fixed at position i ( 1 to n-1) and it will be compared with next i+1 to n nodes using right pointer. If left node is greater than right node then adjust the pointers such that left node becomes right and right becomes left node.

    ListNode *insertionSortList(ListNode *head) {
    	if(head == nullptr)
    		return nullptr;
    	ListNode *left = head, *right = nullptr, *prevLeft = nullptr, *prevRight = nullptr;
    	bool firstNode = true;
    	while(left->next != nullptr) {
    		prevRight = nullptr;
    		right = left->next;
    		while(right != nullptr) {
    			if(left->val > right->val) {
    				ListNode *temp = left->next == right ? left : left->next;
    				left->next = right->next;
    				right->next = temp;
    				//swapping left and right to keep logic clear
    				temp = left; left = right; 	right = temp;
    					prevLeft->next = left;
    					prevRight->next = right;
    					head = left;
    			prevRight = right;
    			right = right->next;
    		prevLeft = left;
    		left = left->next;
    		firstNode = false;
    	return head;

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    This post is deleted!

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    Thanks for your sharing, unfortunately such answer is against principle here. Please make a high quality post, read the FAQ ( for more info.

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    I made big mistake. The logic is more like bubble sort instead of insertion sort. Thanks cm3164 for pointing out.

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