Different result between Eclipse and the server

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    Here is my code. When I submitted it, the system said:
    Input: 5
    Output: 9
    Expected: 10

    But when I try it on my own computer with Eclipse, the result for totalNQueens(5) is 10.

    class Solution {
        int totalNQueenSub(int cur, int n, int pos[], int sum){
    		int newsum = sum;
    		bool *record = new bool[n];
    		for(int j=0;j<cur;j++){
    			int diff = cur - j;
    			if (pos[j]-diff>=0) record[pos[j]-diff] = true;
    			if (pos[j]+diff<n) record[pos[j]+diff] = true;
    			record[pos[j]] = true;
    		for(int i=0;i<n;i++){
    			pos[cur] = i;
    			if (!record[i]){
    				if (cur+1==n)
    					return sum+1;
    				newsum = totalNQueenSub(cur+1, n, pos, newsum);
    		return newsum;
    	int totalNQueens(int n){
            int *pos = new int[n];
            return totalNQueenSub(0, n, pos, 0);


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    same problem and solved with 2d array(size of 50) instead of dynamic array

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