Why my code Memory Limit Exceeded?

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        TreeNode *buildTree(vector<int> &inorder, vector<int> &postorder) {
    	int i, n;
    	n = inorder.size();
    	if (0 == n)
    		return NULL;
    	for (i = 0; i < n; i++)
    		if (inorder[i] == postorder[n - 1])
    	vector<int> linorder(inorder.begin(), inorder.begin()+i);
    	vector<int> rinorder(inorder.begin()+i+1, inorder.end());
    	vector<int> lpostorder(postorder.begin(), postorder.begin()+i);
    	vector<int> rpostorder(postorder.begin()+i, postorder.end()-1);
    	TreeNode *root = new TreeNode(postorder[n-1]);
    	root->left = buildTree(linorder, lpostorder);
    	root->right = buildTree(rinorder, rpostorder);
    	return root;

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    This solution will construct many vectors which may consume lots of memory on the stack.

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    You can do the same job using a helper function that manipulates iterators to avoid the extra space overhead.

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    after creating linorder, rinorder, lpostorder and rpostorder you must free the memory allocated to the original vectors. It can be done by


    this would deallocate the space being used by inorder vector.

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