60ms concise python solution using topological sort

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    from collections import defaultdict
    #from set import Set
    class Solution:
        # @param {integer} numCourses
        # @param {integer[][]} prerequisites
        # @return {boolean}
        def canFinish(self, num_courses, prereq):
            if num_courses < 2:
                return True
            path = defaultdict(list)
            for c in prereq:
            searched = set()
            for start in path.keys():
                if not self.dfs(path, set(), start, searched):
                    return False
            return True
        def dfs(self, path, seen, curr, searched):
            if curr in searched:
                return True
            for x in path[curr]:
                if x in seen:
                    return False
                if not self.dfs(path, seen, x, searched):
                    return False
            return True

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    cannot believe python is so fast!

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    Thanks for sharing this fast and good solution. However, there's a small chance that the DFS exceeds the max. recursion depth. There is a test case containing 2,000 courses. If your program picks the root as the first course to run DFS, error will occur.

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