C Recursive Solution with the help of a Signal

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    struct Signal{
        int position;           //Indicate the node position.
        struct ListNode* node;  //The node after which is the one we are finding.
    struct Signal* find(struct ListNode* node, struct Signal* s, int n){
        if(node->next == NULL) {
            s->position++;      //End of the list, begin to mark the position from the here.
            return s;
        s = find(node->next, s, n);
        if (s->position == n){
            s->node = node;     //The node after which is the one we are finding
        return s;
    struct ListNode* removeNthFromEnd(struct ListNode* head, int n) {
        if(head == NULL || n < 1) 
            return head;
        struct Signal p, *s;
        p.position = 0;
        //Recersive Finding Process
        s = find(head, &p, n);
        //Deleting Process
        if(s->position == n)    //The situation deleting the first one.
            return head->next;
            s->node->next = s->node->next->next;
         return head;

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