Why my code get correct results on Mac but get error on Leetcode OJ

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    on mac when input is:

    Input: [2,1,3,1,4], 10

    it returned [[1,2,3,4]]

    but on Leetcode it returned:

    Output: [[1,2,3,4],[1,2,3,4],[1,1,4,4],[2,4,4]]


    void search(vector<int>& num, int curr_idx, int curr_sum, int target, vector<int>& temp, vector<vector<int> >& res){
        if(curr_sum == target){
        if(curr_sum > target || curr_idx > num.size()) return;
        int n = curr_idx+1;
        while(n<num.size() && num[n] == num[n-1]) n++;
        vector<int> x = temp;
        for(int i=curr_idx; i<n; i++){
            search(num, n, curr_sum+(i-curr_idx+1)*num[curr_idx], target, temp, res);
        temp = x;
        search(num, n, curr_sum, target, temp, res);
    vector<vector<int> > combinationSum2(vector<int>& candidates, int target) {
        vector<vector<int> > res;
        if(candidates.size() == 0) return res;
        std::sort(candidates.begin(), candidates.end());
        vector<int> temp;
        return res;

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