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    It cost me a few hours.

      ListNode *reverseBetween(ListNode *head, int m, int n) {
        if(head==NULL || m==n) return head;
        if(m==n) return head;
        int k=1;
        ListNode *pNode = head;
                pNode = pNode->next;
            pNode->next = reverse(pNode->next, n, k);
            return head;
            return reverse(pNode, n, --k);
    ListNode *reverse(ListNode *head, int n, int &k){
        if(k==n) return head;
        ListNode *newHead = reverse(head->next, n,k);
        ListNode *p = head->next;
        head->next = p->next;
        p->next = head;
        return newHead;

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    This post is deleted!

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    Wow, this is so complicated.

    How did you intuitively think of this?

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