Concise python solution

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    class BSTIterator:
        # @param root, a binary search tree's root node
        def __init__(self, root):
            self.root = root
            self.path = []
            next_node = self.root
            while next_node:
                next_node = next_node.left
        # @return a boolean, whether we have a next smallest number
        def hasNext(self):
            return len(self.path) != 0
        # @return an integer, the next smallest number
        def next(self):
            res = self.path.pop()
            if res.right:
                succ = res.right
                while succ:
                    succ = succ.left
            return res.val

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    I like this program. Better than what I wrote. But it is hard to think of this at the beginning. @youke, any experience of how you thought of this?

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