Input: [1,2,2] Expected answer is 4?

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    Wrong Anser:
    Input: [1,2,2]
    Output: 5
    Expected: 4

    Why expected answer is 4?
    i think that should be given 1,2,2 candy. 5 in total.
    Anyone can explain it to me?

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    Based on the expected value, and the problem description, it looks like the only requirement of the solution is that if one index has a higher rating, it must have more candy than the neighbors with a lower rating. I see no requirement where neighboring indices with the same rating must have the same amount of candy. In theory, that means that [1,5,5,5,5] would be solved using [1,2,1,1,1]. Under this interpretation, the solution to your test case would be [1,2,1], as index 2 is only neighbored by one index equal, and none less than it. [1,2,1] is, of course, 4 pieces of candy.

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    Ugh, when I saw "neighbor" I did not interpret it as a neighboring index, but rather as "other children who live in the neighborhood." Unfortunate wording.

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