Why Java is so slow?

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    in this problem,i solve it with java,and my code is not satisfied me,so i read the discuss to find a better idea,and i think this solution is amazing which is write with C++

    	  if (n <= 2) return n;       // no need to deal with n<=2 case.
    	  int len = 2, itor = 2;
    	  while (itor < n) {
    	     if (A[itor] != A[len-2]) 
    	         A[len++] = A[itor];
        return len;enter code here

    then i run this code on OJ,it takes 80ms run all the test sample.
    then i add one line code

    int n=A.length

    and i run it in java environment ,the OJ takes 404ms run all the test sample.
    why java vould be so slow??

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    Java is always slower than C++ if the code is same.

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