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    struct ListNode *getIntersectionNode(struct ListNode *headA, struct ListNode *headB) {
        int len1 = 0;
        int len2 = 0;
        if(!headA || !headB) return NULL;
        struct ListNode *p1 = headA;
        struct ListNode *p2 = headB;
        for(; headA; len1++, headA = headA->next);
        for(; headB; len2++, headB = headB->next);
        if(len1 > len2)
            for(int i=0; i<len1-len2; i++, p1 = p1->next);
            for(int j=0; j<len2-len1; j++, p2 = p2->next);
        for(; p1&&p2; p1=p1->next, p2=p2->next)
            if( p1 == p2 ) return p1;
        return NULL;

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