Why my recursive solution in Python got runtime error

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    Followings are the code I submit:

    def removeElements(self, head, val):
        if not head:
            return head
        head.next = self.removeElements(head.next, val)
        return head.next if head.val == val else head

    I test the code in my computer, and it is fine.
    But when I submit, I got runtime error:

    Line 14: File "/usr/lib/gcc/x86_64-linux-gnu/4.9.1/.cache/prog_join

    for the [1,9,9,9............9], 1 case.
    And I can't find the reason.
    Could somebody give a hint?

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    def removeElements(self, head, val):
            first = temp = ListNode(0)
            while head:
                head_val = head.val
                head = head.next
                if head_val == val:
                temp.next = ListNode(head_val)
                temp = temp.next
            return first.next

    i don't know why ...
    but i can run true in my local system

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    i can run in my local system...

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    I'm getting the same error on the same test case. I unfortunately can't help you understand why.

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    I think it is because Python has stricter limitation on recursion depth. I've found many problems can't be solved by recursion in Python.

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