66 ms python solution with dict

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    def is_scramble(s1, s2):
        m = {}
        return f(s1, s2, m)
    def f(s1, s2, m):
        if (s1, s2) in m:
            return m[(s1, s2)]
        if len(s1) == 1:
            return s1 == s2
        elif not sorted(s1) == sorted(s2):
            return False
        for i in range(1, len(s1)):
            if f(s1[:i], s2[-i:], m) and f(s1[i:], s2[:-i], m) or \
               f(s1[:i], s2[:i], m) and f(s1[i:], s2[i:], m):
                m[(s1, s2)] = True
                return True
        m[(s1, s2)] = False
        return False

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