80+ms recursion python

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    I think my code is easy to understand. I used 4 parameters in my recursive function, however only start and determined will be changed through the execution.

    class Solution:
        # @param {integer} n
        # @param {integer} k
        # @return {integer[][]}
        def __init__(self):
            self.ret = []
        def _combine(self, start, n, k, determined):
            if len(determined) == k:
            for num in range(start, n+1):
                self._combine(num+1, n, k, determined+[num])
        def combine(self, n, k):
            if n < 1 or k > n:
            self._combine(1, n, k, [])
            return self.ret

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    I worked on reducing the parameters. Here is the improved solution with the same performance.

    class Solution:
        def combine(self, n, k):
            if k == 1:
                return [[x] for x in range(1, n+1)]
            ret = []
            for x in self.combine(n, k-1):
                for num in range(1, x[0]):
            return ret

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