Easy understanding code running works elsewhere but not leetcode

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    from math import ceil, floor

    class Solution:
    # @param {integer[]} nums1
    # @param {integer[]} nums2
    # @return {float}
    def findMedianSortedArrays(self, nums1, nums2):
    def findKthSortedArrays(k, nums1, nums2):
    length_nums1 = len(nums1)
    length_nums2 = len(nums2)

            i = int(floor((length_nums1/(length_nums1 + length_nums2)) * k))
            j = k - i
            if length_nums1 == 0:
                return nums2[k-1]
            if length_nums2 == 0:
                return nums1[k-1]
            if (i > length_nums1-1 or nums1[i] >= nums2[j-1]) and (j > length_nums2- 1 or nums2[j] >= nums1[i-1]):
                return max(nums1[i-1], nums2[j-1])
            if nums1[i-1] > nums2[j-1]:
                return findKthSortedArrays(k-j, nums1[:i], nums2[j:])
            if nums2[j-1] > nums1[i-1]:
                return findKthSortedArrays(k-i, nums1[i:], nums2[:j])
            return 222
        return findKthSortedArrays(int(ceil((len(nums1)+len(nums2))/2)), nums1, nums2)

    sol = Solution()

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