Where is the bug for my code? Please help.

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    Hi, submission details show 29 / 32 test cases passed.
    I use DFS to check if there is a loop.
    Very basic DFS idea.
    vector<int> st here is a stack.

        class Solution {
        	bool DFS(const vector<unordered_set<int>> &matrix, const int &n, 
        		const int &numCourses, vector<bool> &flag) {
            	vector<bool> visit(numCourses, false);
        		visit[n] = true;
        		vector<int> st;
    // push all the elements into the stack one by one
        		while (!st.empty()) {
        			int top = st.back();
        			flag[top] = true;
    //if all the neighbors are visited && no neighbor is in stack, pop it.
    //if all the neighbors are visited && at least one neighbor is in stack, loop, return false.
        			bool allvisit = true;
        			for (auto it = matrix[top].begin(); it != matrix[top].end(); ++it) {
        				if (visit[*it] == false) {
        					visit[*it] = true;
        					allvisit = false;
        				else if (find(st.begin(), st.end(), *it) != st.end()) {
        					return false;
        			if (allvisit == true)
        		return true;
        	bool canFinish(int numCourses, vector<vector<int>>& prerequisites) {
        		vector<unordered_set<int>> matrix(numCourses);
        		for (int i = 0; i < prerequisites.size(); ++i) {
        		vector<bool> flag(numCourses, false);
    // check all nodes one by one    
        		for (int i = 0; i < numCourses; ++i) {
        			if (!flag[i]) {
        				if (DFS(matrix, i, numCourses, flag) == false)
        					return false;
        		return true;

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    It is kind of difficult to bug other one's code if there is no comment and no input example and error output example.

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    hi, i add the comments.... please let me know if you could resolve it. thank you.

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