Please help with TLE issue

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    I think the asymptotic running time of my python code is O(n), however, it runs very slow. The function canJump() comes from Jump Game I which I passed. The actual running time for Jump Game I for 25000 descending test case is 6 milliseconds on my iMac, but the Jump Game II code, which I believe is also O(n) takes 117 milliseconds for only 2500 descending test case.

    I am not sure what goes wrong here, please someone help me to diagnose the issue in my code. Thanks a ton.

    class Solution:
    # @param A, a list of integers
    # @return an integer
    def jump(self, A):
        """ The idea is to iterate from A[-1] to A[0] and calculate the minimum jumps to reach the end and then put that result back to A[i]. Bottom-up memoized approach.
            Denote digit = A[i]
            1. if digit == 0: no way to reach the end, so we put len(A) here becuse the maximum jumps from A[1] to the end is len(A) - 1
            2. if digit >= distance from i to the end, we only need 1 jump. And distance from i to the end is (len(A) - i - 1)
            3. else, we find the minimum jumps from the candicates where A[i] can jump to, take their minimum and plus 1.
        # first we validate we can definitely jump to the end, O(n)
        if not self.canJump(A):
            return 0
        for index in xrange(len(A) - 2, -1, -1):
            digit = A[index]
            # 1
            if digit == 0:
                A[index] = len(A)
            # 2
            if digit >= len(A) - index - 1:
                A[index] = 1
                # 3
                # the candidates starts from index + 1, and ends at either (index + A[index]) or (len(A) - 2) which one is smaller
                next_index = min(index + digit + 1, len(A) - 1)
                A[index] = min(A[index + 1:next_index]) + 1
        return A[0]

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    can somebody explain me how to optimize this code to run in linear time?

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