My 10 line (unreadable) Python solution

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    import collections
    class Solution:
        def canFinish(self, n, prs):
            m = collections.defaultdict(lambda: collections.defaultdict(set))
            map(lambda pr: m[0][pr[0]].add(pr[1]) or (m[1][pr[1]].add(pr[0])), prs)
            m[2][0].update(set(filter(lambda c: not m[0][c], xrange(n))))
            while m[2][0]:
                v = (lambda x: (m[2][1].add(x) or x))(m[2][0].pop())
                m[2][0].update(filter(lambda o: m[0][o].discard(v) or (not m[0][o] and o not in m[2][1]), m[1][v]))
            return len(m[2][1]) == n

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