Python 20 lines DFS solution sharing with explanation

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    def canFinish(self, numCourses, prerequisites):
        graph = [[] for _ in xrange(numCourses)]
        visit = [0 for _ in xrange(numCourses)]
        for x, y in prerequisites:
        def dfs(i):
            if visit[i] == -1:
                return False
            if visit[i] == 1:
                return True
            visit[i] = -1
            for j in graph[i]:
                if not dfs(j):
                    return False
            visit[i] = 1
            return True
        for i in xrange(numCourses):
            if not dfs(i):
                return False
        return True
    1. if node v has not been visited, then mark it as 0.
    2. if node v is being visited, then mark it as -1. If we find a vertex marked as -1 in DFS, then their is a ring.
    3. if node v has been visited, then mark it as 1. If a vertex was marked as 1, then no ring contains v or its successors.


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    great idea ! thanks for sharing

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    at the first glance, i think u can use memo to improve, however, when i realize that u use visit array as implicit memo i know this is a great trick, thanks~

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    @rodolphe Could be cleaner code. Check this out.

    class Solution(object):
        def canFinish(self, n, edges):
            graph = {i:set() for i in range(n)}
            indeg = {i:0     for i in range(n)}
            for s, e in set(tuple(x) for x in edges):
                graph[s] |= {e}
                indeg[e] += 1
            queue  =  [i for i in range(n) if not indeg[i]]
            visits =  set(queue) 
            for node in queue:
                for neigh in graph[node]:
                    if neigh in visits: 
                        return False
                    indeg[neigh] -= 1
                    if not indeg[neigh]:
                        queue += neigh,
            return len(visits) == n

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    This solution might be longer, but it is slightly easier to read. Comments are in-line. Thanks.

    class Solution(object):
        def canFinish(self, numCourses, prerequisites):
            :type numCourses: int
            :type prerequisites: List[List[int]]
            :rtype: bool
            graph = [[] for _ in range(numCourses)]
            visited = [0 for _ in range(numCourses)]
            # create graph
            for pair in prerequisites:
                x, y = pair
            # visit each node
            for i in range(numCourses):
                if not self.dfs(graph, visited, i):
                    return False
            return True
        def dfs(self, graph, visited, i):
            # if ith node is marked as being visited, then a cycle is found
            if visited[i] == -1:
                return False
            # if it is done visted, then do not visit again
            if visited[i] == 1:
                return True
            # mark as being visited
            visited[i] = -1
            # visit all the neighbours
            for j in graph[i]:
                if not self.dfs(graph, visited, j):
                    return False
            # after visit all the neighbours, mark it as done visited
            visited[i] = 1
            return True

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    why you do have to use -1 , 1 and 0 in visited array?
    In other words,
    Why do you divide it into being visited, visiting neighbours, done visited?
    Is there any way to use 1 or 0 in the visited array to solve this problem?

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    @rodolphe Nice DFS algorithm! A small modification is possible, though:
    the last four lines can be combined into

    return all(dfs(i) for i in xrange(numCourses))

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    @agave Very cool! But i think what you described is Kahn's algorithm, not DFS...

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    @Zura -1 means this node is part of the current trip. if you see it again, it's a cycle. 1 means a dfs has been done starting from this node, and no cycle was found. if you hit this, going down this path won't find any cycles

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