Why do I have to add "if(prices.size() == 0) return 0;"?

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    if I submit like this:

    int maxProfit(vector<int> &prices) {
        int answer = 0;
    	for(int i = 0;i < prices.size()-1;i++)
    			answer += prices[i+1]-prices[i];
    	return answer;

    It gives me a "Run Error"
    If I add a "if(prices.size() == 0) return 0;"before the for loop, then it is accepted. If the vector is empty, then it shouldn't enter the for loop, so why do I have to add the judge?

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    price.size() is unsigned, so -1 is not unsigned.
    change that like this: (int)(prices.size() - 1)

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