Rejected by OJ, but got correct answer in my computer (Python)

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    def removeElement(A, elem):
        if not A:
            return 0
        lis = []
        for item in A:
            if (item != elem):
        A = lis
        #check what left in A
        #print A
        return len(A)
    print removeElement([4,5],4)

    I got [5], 1 on my computer, but OJ think my output is [4] . I don't know how this happen.

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    I think the issue is not with the logic, but with extra space you used. In the question it was asked to do inplace, not using extra memory.

    Give a try removing 'lis' and check.

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    Also, forgot to mention it seems that OJ is processing A with the number of elts you returned. As you haven't done inplace, A seems not changed in their main program where this function is called.

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