Use two arrays to make sure one-2-one mapping, O(n)

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    Use the array map to save the mappings created so far and the array demap to save the reverse mapping to make sure it is a one-2-one mapping

       class Solution {
            bool isIsomorphic(string s, string t) {
                int len = s.size();
                int i;
                vector<char> map(128,0);
                vector<char> demap(128,0);
                for(i=0; i<len;i++)
                    { // if s[i] is mapped to some character before
                        if(map[s[i]]!=t[i]) return false;
                    { // if s[i] never occurs before, check if some other char is mapped to t[i]
                        {   // if t[i] is available, update map and demap
                            map[s[i]] = t[i];
                            demap[t[i]] = s[i];
                        { // if t[i] is not available, return false
                            return false;
                return true;

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