My 10-line clean C++ code

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    The basic idea is to use a dummy node to track the new header and move the cur pointer forward along the list with a smaller node value; and switch two lists when the current list has a larger value than the other one

    ListNode* mergeTwoLists(ListNode* l1, ListNode* l2) {
        ListNode dummy(0); = l1;
        ListNode *cur = &dummy;
            while(cur->next && cur->next->val<=l2->val) cur = cur->next; // if the current list, l1, has a smaller value, then move cur forward
            l1 = cur->next; // otherwise, switch l1 and l2
            cur->next = l2;
            l2 = l1;

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    Brilliant code! Actually this can be regarded as the iterative code of the recursive method:

    1 the uncertainty of the head is handled through the dummy node. the uncertainty of next element is handled by the switching between two lists.

    2 each iteration here is equivalent to several recursive calls in the recursive methods until the switching is needed.

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