Why isMatch( "aaa", "ab*a*c*a") is true?

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    My understanding * >> [one copy preceding element] OR [ empty, 0,escape of preceding element]
    . >> any thing

    In this case, the "aaa" contains no b, so the * before b and c must be [ 0, empty]. So,
    isMatch( "aaa", "abaca") =isMatch( "aaa", "aaa") .

    Now isMatch( "aaa", "aa*a") = isMatch( "aaa", "aa") OR isMatch( "aaa", "aaaa") .
    In both condition above, the result is false.

    Why the answer is true?

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    the expression can be written as a b* a* c* a If a letter has a star AFTER it, then it goes like this

    a b* a* c* a

    a 00 a 00 a

    which returns true.

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    So the 3rd 0 is from the 2nd *. I misunderstanding is that * and its previous element a must be 0. Thanks :)

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    b* means there's 0'b' or 1'b' or multiples 'b's.
    ab * a * c * a means

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