Is recursive solution here worse than iterative?

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    I have the following python code for this problem accepted, but I am wondering if the iterative solution is better than recursive ones in this case. Because I read some other question, and it seems that most people are doing it in iterative way. So I am just wondering if there is any catch here that iterative solution is preferable? Thanks.

    class Solution:
    # @param node, a undirected graph node
    # @return a undirected graph node
    def cloneGraph(self, node):
        if not node: return None
        return self._cloneGraph(node, dict())
    def _cloneGraph(self, node, visited):
        # if node.labe is already visited, just return it
        if node.label in visited: return visited[node.label]
        # clone the node
        cloned = UndirectedGraphNode(node.label)
        # add the node to visited map
        visited[cloned.label] = cloned
        # clone each neighbor
        for neighbor in node.neighbors:
            cloned.neighbors.append(self._cloneGraph(neighbor, visited))
        return cloned

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    Your recursive code is very neat! very nice.

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