Can anyone help me to find the "StackOverFlowError" of my answer?

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    public ListNode sortList(ListNode head) {
    	if(head==null){ return null;}
    	if({ return head;}
    	ListNode mid = getMid(head);
    	ListNode fharf =head;
    	return merge2Lists(sortList(fharf),sortList(sharf));
    public ListNode getMid(ListNode head){
    	if(head==null) {return head;}
    	if( return head;
    	ListNode slow=head;
    	ListNode fast = head;
    	return slow;
     public ListNode merge2Lists(ListNode a, ListNode b) {
        ListNode dummyHead, curr; 
        curr = dummyHead;
        while(a !=null && b!= null) {
            if(a.val <= b.val) { = a; a =; }
            else { = b; b =; }
            curr =;
        } = (a == null) ? b : a;

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    I don't understand why this question is closed. Basically the po got StackOverFlowError after submitting his/her code and wanted to know where the unnecessary space usage come from.

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