Python sort and reverse dont work well in leetcode

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    class Solution:
        # @param num, a list of integer
        1, Find the largest index k such that a[k] < a[k + 1]. If no such index exists, the permutation is the last permutation.
        2, Find the largest index l greater than k such that a[k] < a[l].
        3, Swap the value of a[k] with that of a[l].
        4, Reverse the sequence from a[k + 1] up to and including the final element a[n].
        def nextPermutation(self, num):
            n = len(num)
            for i in range(n-1):
                if (num[i]<num[i+1]):
            if k==-1:
                num = sorted(num)
            l = k
            for i in range(k+1, n):
                if (num[i] > num[k]):
                    l = i
            num[k], num[l] = num[l], num[k]
            tailNum = num[k+1:]
            num = num[:k+1] + tailNum

    this works well in my computer for the tests such as [1, 2], [3, 2, 1], but not in leetcode. When I write the reverse() myself rather than using the python default one, it works with [1, 2]. but not for [3, 2, 1], it seems that the function sorted() does not work neither

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    sorted() will make a copy of the list (use extra space), which is against the definition of the problem.

    tailNum = num[k+1:] will make a copy of the sliced list, which again is against the rule.

    The following code will make things clear for you:

    a = [1,2,3,4,5]
    b = a[:4]
    print b
    print b
    print a

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